Through a series of remarkable meditation texts on courage, skillful action and social governance, the renowned Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa introduced the social teachings of Shambhala to the West in the 1970s. Some scholars believe that the legendary Shambhala was an enlightened society flourishing in Central Asia during the Buddha's lifetime. Others believe Shambhala is mythical, an archetype of individual bravery and social decency residing deep in the human psyche. Chogyam Trungpa taught that Shambhala is also awakened energy we can experience directly to help solve the world's problems today. In Shambhala Warrior Training, Cynthia Kneen presents a living synthesis of archetypal, Buddhist and shamanic principles as revealed through Tibet's most revered lineage of enlightened warriors. This six-tape course teaches the practices noble people have used for centuries to cultivate gentleness, strength and dignity.